He is known as single tourist received special permission from the Peruvian government to visit the UNESCO World Heritage-listed site, Machu Picchu  during  lockdown .

Machu Picchu has reopened  the site just for him.





He is 26-year-old boxing instructor  from Nara Prefecture in western Japan.

Peru's best-known tourist site, Machu Picchu, has opened after months of coronavirus closure, but for just a single visitor — a Japanese man stranded in the country by the pandemic.


The boxing instructor, identified by local media as a 26-year-old from Nara, has been stuck in Peru since March 2019, when he bought a ticket for the tourist site just days before the country declared a health emergency.

Peruvian newspaper he had only planned to spend three days in the area, but with flights cancelled and movement limited by the virus, he found himself stuck there for months.

Due to the impossibility of getting to know the sanctuary, Katayama had to wait many months until the epidemic began to subside and the measures were relaxed.

October 2020 ,he can finally claim victory and tell the world in his social media that he touched the sky with his hands (or rather that he touched Machu Picchu).

More than 1 million people used to visit the ancient Incan ruins of Machu Picchu every year — but none of them got to see it in the way Japanese tourist Jesse Katayama did.

He has come back to Japan in DEC 2020.

His final goal is establishing a Boxing gym that only he can make.

He is doing  his best heading towards his dream.